2011-2016 Landscape Architecture, Warsaw University of Life Sciences


I have a master engineer diploma in Landscape Architecture on  WULS  seems not very connected to digital design that I do now, but it actually gave me lots of skills that can translate to that field. In example - always analyze and research before you start designing anything! Talk to people who you are designing for! Cooperate with other designers and specialists - be open, you don't know everything!




2017-2018  Total Design Managment, Warsaw University of Technology Buisness School


After my graduation, I knew that I need to know more about business. I grew up in a family owning their company and knew some basics, but I wanted to get some expert knowledge and meet some interesting peers.


I did a year long post-graduate study at Warsaw University of Technology Business School - it is called Total Design Management, and it was exactly what I needed.

It was a course that was getting managers and designers together, giving them knowledge from both fields. The second part of it was that we did a proper design projects using all of our new skills and cooperating with people from many different fields - some of them never had anything to do with design.


I got to know what Design Thinking  is and what techniques to use to implement it, how to work in interdisciplinary teams, what tools to use - how to make a user journey or customer blueprint, what is agile and lean management and so on.



2020 - now -  Interaction Design Foundation


In UX and UI, I was self-taught. I read as much as I could from free online sources, but I'm also trying to fill my knowledge gaps with courses at Interaction Design Foundation.


Currently I have a certificates in:


I've been working as a UX/UI designer for the last 3,5 years on products  from a fintech sector.

At first my job mainly consisted of UI and grapgic design, but soon I started to tackle much more of a typical user experience problems.

I was improving existing processes and designing new with a buisness goal and KPI's always in my head.


I was a part of a Sales and Marketing team - me being the only designer in the team. I learned how to work independently, but still cooperate with many other experts.  I was working closely with colleages from other departments such as customer service, debt collection or legal in order to gather their requirements for the projects and come up with the best possible design solution.


I did research and design, relying mostly on data analysis.

I was creating A/B tests, cutomer journeying, customer blueprints and design workshops.

With visual design I was working with design system and focused mostly on functional side of the design.

In my day to day work I was cooperating with an international IT team working in agile.



My daily job is UX and UI design.


I can take ownership of the whole product design process.


I'm strongly focused on delivering not only highly usable digital products, but also providing  design that translates to business results.


I'm proficient in English and Polish.


UX and UI design

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